Healthy Eating Update

It’s been a year or so and I’m still continuing on with my healthy eating regiment. I’m trying to eat mostly all vegetarian  meals these days too. As most will remember I had to go back to eating some meat, due to not getting enough protein in my diet. Beans, Soy products, and supplements  were not working for me.

I try to eat any meals with meat as little as possible, though I wish I could find an alternative to get enough protein so I could be completely on a vegetarian diet.  I also eat mostly all organic or home grown fruits, and veggies these days too. I have to say I feel much better and have a lot of energy  too. I also do a lot of cooking at home these days too, rather than going out to eat, since it’s healthier for me to fix my favorite take out dishes. However, I still go out sometimes too hehehe. I also try to get to Places like Trader Joes, Earth Fare, or Whole foods to buy groceries and try my best to buy very little from our local chain stores.

I’ve also have switched from drinking 2 or three sodas a day to only  1 soda a day  with no caffeine. Plus I’m now Interested in drinking  different teas other than  regular “sweet tea”. Plus once in a while I  will have my fav coffee from Starbucks or the  Local place.   Which is a  White mocha or Vanilla Latte  or  White Mocha Frapp,( depends on my mood or season) that is a treat just once in a while or if I need the caffeine if I’m pulling an all nighter for work.

Plus I’m trying to be more active these days from riding my mountain bike to walking ever chance I get. All in all this  healthy living for me is making me feel a lot better than before. Now I wish I started this way of living a long time ago.

Social Media

I use to be part of almost every social site that is currently popular today  like Facebook, Myspace, Virb, Vox, Twitter, etc.  In recent years I’ve scaled back a lot, since I really never used those sites anymore except for Twitter. Just recently I revived my Facebook account just because it has been the best way to keep in touch with close family and friends. I’m not over crazy using Facebook  like some are, I hardly even update it much at all. I’m mostly on Twitter, Im and blogging which is about it for my activity online these days. However, I do track my music via and Pandora or my pictures with Flickr.

Most days I do a lot of work with Social Media, but it mostly for clients and business. These days, I’m on the computer  mostly for business doing web design/building, doing marketing, emailing, editing photos, drawing or tech support for  web/server admin.

Sand in My Shoes

On Saturday we returned home after a long weeks stay at the beach. Most of our trip we used using a golf cart as transportation, since were we stayed was like a community, and the mode transportation there  is golf carts or bikes, unless you actually venture out in MB.

We did a lot of walking with morning walks/jogs on the beach to walking in the evening at some of the shopping places in Myrtle.  All in all we had a great trip and had loads of fun. I’m very relaxed, and rested now, which I’m ready to attack the week.