EarthHour 2015

I observe this event every year and try each year to do something more for the earth. Will you be celebrating #EarthHour 2015?


Why is WiFi Often Slow?

Many people use a WiFi network throughout their house or office these days as it’s the easiest to setup since it doesn’t require wires. Even some internet companies are offering a Wireless connection. I find it slow most of the time, even sitting right at the router and gone back to a wired solution. I found this article to be interesting as it discus just that topic of “Why Wi-Fi Is Often So Slow”

Ahoy! Speakin’ like a Pirate

Well it’s the 10th anniversary of the worldwide celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day. This meme has been continuing on for the last ten years every year on September 19th.

Check out more here about Talk Like A Pirate Day.