Social Media

I use to be part of almost every social site that is currently popular today  like Facebook, Myspace, Virb, Vox, Twitter, etc.  In recent years I’ve scaled back a lot, since I really never used those sites anymore except for Twitter. Just recently I revived my Facebook account just because it has been the best way to keep in touch with close family and friends. I’m not over crazy using Facebook  like some are, I hardly even update it much at all. I’m mostly on Twitter, Im and blogging which is about it for my activity online these days. However, I do track my music via and Pandora or my pictures with Flickr.

Most days I do a lot of work with Social Media, but it mostly for clients and business. These days, I’m on the computer  mostly for business doing web design/building, doing marketing, emailing, editing photos, drawing or tech support for  web/server admin.

Where I Am Online

My friend and business colleague Tracey Lawton tagged me today to post a blog entry of where I hang out online.

I have to:

  • Say who tagged me
  • Tell where I hang out, and include links
  • Tag two other blog owners to keep this going; in return you’ll discover new places to hang out online in the process

Tracey Lawton is the person who tagged me.

I mostly hang out online on Virb, Flickr, Last.FM, twitter, MySpace, and IM.

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Just Tweeting My Way Around Virb

Recently I’ve been using a couple of these new those social networking sites like Myspace, but even better in my Honest opinion.

Since Virb came out of beta recently I thought I would give it a try. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I have to say it’s a lot better than other sites I’ve used in the past  and it’s easy to customize the css than Myspace is.

Another social site I’ve been using as well is Twitter, its a great way to keep friends, family, etc. updated without having to write a long entry… I’ve also been using a desktop client for Twitter called Twitteriffic, which is simple to use and it’s of course free as well. It’s a mac only app though.. If anyone wants to add me on either service feel free too.