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I use to be part of almost every social site that is currently popular today  like Facebook, Myspace, Virb, Vox, Twitter, etc.  In recent years I’ve scaled back a lot, since I really never used those sites anymore except for Twitter. Just recently I revived my Facebook account just because it has been the best way to keep in touch with close family and friends. I’m not over crazy using Facebook  like some are, I hardly even update it much at all. I’m mostly on Twitter, Im and blogging which is about it for my activity online these days. However, I do track my music via and Pandora or my pictures with Flickr.

Most days I do a lot of work with Social Media, but it mostly for clients and business. These days, I’m on the computer  mostly for business doing web design/building, doing marketing, emailing, editing photos, drawing or tech support for  web/server admin.

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Yeah I know the feeling. I rarely update most of site except Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. For me, Twitter is more of a push mechanism for updates but I do get a fair amount of info from my “news and tech” account. I user Tumblr more as a blog replacement and for browsing media files of interest (lots of photos, videos, audio, etc.). And of course Facebook is there for all my semi-tech litterate friends who either have no interest in other sites or “just don’t get it”.

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