Fast Delivery

I recently had the opportunity to try out Chewy’s new pharmacy service.  I was thrilled to try this service since Linus has to take Prednisone every day due to having a low blood platelet count.  My experience with ordering online was pretty easy. I searched for the medication then added the quantity since it’s by the pill. […]

Fancy Cat Food

Our monthly item came from This month the crew is trying Fancy Fest Gourmet Ocean Fish & Salmon & Accents of Garden Greens Dry Cat Food. As you can tell from the pictures and video below, the boys really liked the food….. Actually, all 6 of them really enjoyed the food. The boys finally let […]

Cleaning Pesky Pet Odors and Stains

I have been trying different cleaning products for a while now to help aid in cleaning up the messes the cats make on the carpet. Luckily @chewy gave us a chance to try @simplesolution Extreme Stain + Odor Remover. And boy does it work. Check out the Instagram post to check out the before and after!!! Not only it smells great […]