Goodbye macOS Server

I learned the other day that Apple is discontinuing the macOS server app. The app has been declining ever since they took out features like hosting a website or email server.

I had used this for a long time when it still allowed for web and email support. As I used it for an internal intranet.

It’s Terminal

As a web developer, server admin, and all-around computer geek I use the terminal a lot in macOS and Linux/Unix.

A couple of years ago I switched my shell from Bash over to Zsh and installed Oh My ZSH. Oh My Zsh is an open-source, framework for managing your Zsh configuration.

 About a year ago I just changed over my terminal app from the default one for macOS to Hyper. I really like the app as it offers a lot of customizations.

Just a couple of months ago I switched up my theme to Spaceship Prompt. I love it for its minimal look and the features it provides letting me know my Git Status and what languages I am running for a project. It also allows for some customization as well.

As I’ve been customizing Spaceship Prompt to meet my needs, I have also started working on a custom Hyper theme that is a dark theme with bright colors.

My terminal

As of right now, I am not sure if I’ll officially release the theme or not.

Slack Style Emojis for macOS

I found this great little gem a while ago and finally installed it today. I use Slack a lot for work chats and like the way they do emojis. Rocket is a great little app that allows you to add emojis in any application on macOS. It works a lot better than tapping Control+Command+Space to bring up the characters window.