A Job Search with Unlikley Results

I’ve been searching recently for contract, part-time, and full time work to fill the void  between contract or freelance jobs. In my search I’ve actually have came across two offers, which were really good and very tempting. After doing research on both  companies online, I only could find bad things about them, which lead me…Continue readingA Job Search with Unlikley Results

New Laptop Stand from Logitech

I think the new Logitech notebook stand (Alto Notebook Stand) is a welcome changed for people , who use their notebooks as their primary computer. It features a fold-out design that provides a full-size USB keyboard and a USB hub on one side, and an angled notebook stand on the other side. It folds up…Continue readingNew Laptop Stand from Logitech

A Saturday Night Wrist

Deftones named their newest album, Saturday Night Wrist. The new album title is actually a real medical condition in which a person gives themselves nerve damage after passing out drunk with their arm draped over the back of a chair. What a wierd way to name an album, but it is wasvery creativing thinking though.…Continue readingA Saturday Night Wrist