New Laptop Stand from Logitech

I think the new Logitech notebook stand (Alto Notebook Stand) is a welcome changed for people , who use their notebooks as their primary computer. It features a fold-out design that provides a full-size USB keyboard and a USB hub on one side, and an angled notebook stand on the other side. It folds up to be quite portable, making it great for travel.

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A Saturday Night Wrist

Deftones named their newest album, Saturday Night Wrist. The new album title is actually a real medical condition in which a person gives themselves nerve damage after passing out drunk with their arm draped over the back of a chair. What a wierd way to name an album, but it is wasvery creativing thinking though.

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Painting a Dark Movie

To promote their new dark chocolate candy M&M’s came up with a Flash-based game that is very addicting. The concept of the game is to identify the titles of 50 dark movies that are hidden in a painting. Some titles are pretty easy to identify, then there are some that aren’t so easy to identify. It will have you glued to your computer for hours on end.

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