Working Mad

I’ve been blessed with a lot of work this year. I still dream of working full time on just designing & coding. I have worked for tech companies, design agencies, small businesses, and even getting to work with a company who sells Legos. Getting to work with the Lego company has been the most fun as I get to play with Legos too.

The Hybrid Designer: Jack of all Trades

What the heck is a hybrid designer? It a designer or developer who can basically do it all, wire frame, design, code and even design the brand items or logo for the client to. Basically you get a web designer/developer & graphic designer rolled into one person. Having someone who does it all too also saves the client lots of money in the long run too. I’ve been a “hybrid designer” since starting in the design business 14 years ago and still get people look at me funny when I say and can sling code, design and even fix computers too. They are like WHHHHHHAT!… Yea. I’m just a design nerd like that. I love doing any and everything with drawing, web design, coding, and computers. So that’s why I do it I have a love and passion for all of it.


Many things are happening lately, that has kept me from being online much these to redesign my websites due to life and work. So I hope to change that soon to return to have some free time to be “online”, redesign my personal websites and blog more too.