Painting a Dark Movie

To promote their new dark chocolate candy M&M’s came up with a Flash-based game that is very addicting. The concept of the game is to identify the titles of 50 dark movies that are hidden in a painting. Some titles are pretty easy to identify, then there are some that aren’t so easy to identify.…Continue readingPainting a Dark Movie

Programmer Meet Designer

I found a cool forum that unite programmers and designers. Programmer Meet Designer, allows designers, entrepreneurs, writers, and programmers to partner up to get help with their projects. You’ll have to sign up at PMD to contact a poster about their job offer, but it is  free to join and post jobs as well. Programmer…Continue readingProgrammer Meet Designer

Tips For A PC Switched Mac User

I also posted this on I have partially switched over to a Mac environment, though I’ll still keep my PC around for occasional use. Like many users, I was wary about switching because of the differences between the Mac and PC, but I’ve found that they’re not really that different. The Mac’s got the…Continue readingTips For A PC Switched Mac User