A Strange Winter

It’s not officially winter here yet, but the weather for December has not been the norm, either. We’ve had a week or two that has been normal weather for December (cold day temperatures around 40 and night temperpatures around 20s), but the rest for this month has been in the low 70s to high 60s. It even looks like for the first day of winter it will be near the low 70s on the 21. I guess we will have another “green” and even could be a warm Christmas this year, which will be a first for me. I would just wish the weather would stay warm or cold instead of flip-flopping each week. I would like to see some ice or snow this winter, but with this weather we’re having I’m guessing spring will make a return in January.

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One reply on “A Strange Winter”

We have no snow here either. Just north of us my sister and brother had snow last week but it’s gone now. Kind of a shame to have a green Christmas but it’s really nice to be waiting for the bus and not being a frozen popsicle by the time it arrives. 🙂

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