Throwing Out Schedules & Mandatory Meetings.

I was reading an article from Yahoo! that Best Buy is currently testing a new work ethic.

“The nation’s leading electronics retailer has embarked on a risky experiment to transform a culture of killer hours and herd-riding bosses. The endeavor, called ROWE, for “results-only work environment,” seeks to demolish decades-old business dogma that equates physical presence with productivity. The goal at Best Buy is to judge performance on output instead of hours.”

Looks like it could be a winner with most of the employees at Best Buy HQ and it could be testing it throughout all of its stores as well, making it the first retail company to have no schedules or mandatory meetings.

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One reply on “Throwing Out Schedules & Mandatory Meetings.”

Great article, and I’d love to show it to my former employer, who firmly believed in face time and nothing else. My productivity at the office wasn’t great.

For over two years now I’ve been ‘free’, working from home or wherever I want, and it is so much more rewarding. True, the home/work lines get blurred a little, but to me it’s worth it for the option to do it whenever I want, so long as it gets done.

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