A Short iPod Touch Review

I’ve had my new touch only about 2 weeks now, and I have to say it’s a great device. Im using it more like a PDA device than just a music player, although I do have music, podcasts, etc. on there too. I’ve been noticing that I’m using my laptop less when going out, just because I can do about everything I did on the laptop ( email, twitter, chat, checking blogs, websites, etc.) Plus the can do some business related stuff on there as well like billing, which is nice since it doesn’t keep me tied down to the desktop or laptop all the time. I would recommend in getting one if you want to have one for the apps or putting music on. It’s been a delight to have and use.

Co-Working in North Carolina

I currently have office space, but I  like the idea of getting to work with others everyday. Co-working spaces are popping up all around NC with the latest two groups that are in Charlotte and Asheville, which is a lot closer to me than the other groups that are in the Eastern Part of the State or the ones in South Carolina. I still wish there was a co-working space closer than an hour from me. To see a list of all spaces through out the Carolinas, and the world check out the main Co-Working Wiki.

Social Media & Co Working Finally Invades NC

I’m so excited to know that social media meet-ups are finally coming to NC. Charlotte has already had aWordCampCo-Working Events, a lot of social mediameet-ups and now on Saturday the first ever BarCamp. I hope we see many more events like this for NC. I am also happy to see the Co-working movement make head way in NC too. Carrboro Creative Coworking was the first co-working group established in NC. According to the co-working wiki  there has been talk of  more  co-working groups coming to the state too . I know there is one coming to Asheville, but still wish we could get something a little closer here too.

Like to go to BarCampCharlotte?

The Pre-Party is on Friday, Jan. 23, 2009 from 6pm-10pm at HOM
The Event is on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009 from 8am-6pm At Area 15 in NoDa
For more news and updates go to www.barcampcharlotte.com