Is it Winter or Fall?

I just posted over at my blog at This post is how Winter has made an early appearance in Western NC this year and an update about my progress of keeping to my new year’s resolution of eating healthily and keeping fit is paying off.

“It’s feeling like Fall here in Western North Carolina. The nights are getting colder and the mornings are frosty. The leaves are changing to bright reds and golden yellows.   Some of the mountain areas, here in NC yesterday even saw the first snow fall of the season. I woke up this morning to it being 28 degrees which is really chilly for NC  this time of year. It feels more like Winter than Fall, around here, but it can only lead to one thing, our temps will get cold now, and be warm again for Christmas, which I hope it’s the not the case this year. I would love to see a nice snowy Winter this year, than a mild green Winter that we’ve saw years past.” [Continued]

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Wow. I have a place in Boone, and it’s usually really nice in the fall. Shame it kind of skipped past, though. has a freeze warning in effect already…

You may be grateful to God: we just received 9 incles of that pure beautiful but how cold ‘snow’ yesterday. Looks like the 10th of january north of Montreal. Easter is coming. So cheer up! And a very happy Xtmas to you.


We’re the same here in the UK. I’m in the south East (Kent) of England, and it is very cold at the moment. In the North there is some snow and Scotland have had some heavy snow falls. The past few years the weather at Christmas has been warm, wet, windy and very grey. Not the seasonal, chilly feeling, to make Christmas a happy occasion. Everyone looks wet and miserable. I don’t mind that we don’t normally get snow here (in Kent) so long as it is cold and fresh to make you feel like Christmas. In that climate every one looks and is very cheerful. So, I’m the same as you, I hope it stays cold from now on. After Christmas it can do what ever it wants.


Well,well,well,It’s cold in Houston,Texas.And if you know about or heard about Houston weather,You know it can change like the mind.Yep i said cold.If it gets in 40’s here and 50’s we rejoice.So dont know if we in fall or winter.Here we can freeze one day and hit 80’s the next.Although we has had snow many times but wide spreaded in years.I recalled one years it actually stayed on the ground for a pretty long time.So i’am dreaming of a white Christmas.Notice i did say

I’m all for feeling good and enjoying the season’s weather whatever it is. But I’m also increasingly aware that people who’ve fallen on the ice or had a heart attack while shoveling snow, may remember ling there in the wet, cold snow till the ambulance came, and may still be having a tough time getting back to thoughts of beautiful snow flakes.

In the last couple winter seasons I’ve witnessed a few people who, so rapt in the enjoyment of the beauty, they down right insist that other people agree with them and celebrate the snowfall. Worse still I saw the victims hide their disgust with a smile on their face.

Have a great time, enjoy beauty where ever you find it. Just don’t force other people to relive bad experiences on your terms. Not that there was anything wrong with writing about it here. A appreciated getting to share what you saw.

Here its 92 during the day and 54 at night I had to pull the sheet up last night and ware a shirt last evening. I live in sunny California. It gets cold here last year the fountain here at the Senior Apts. froze solid one day. but we we had to put up with a couple of days when the temp got down below freezing. However, we roughed it out. The palm trees were none the worse for ware. I do feel sorry for you that have to bear the brunt of old man winter. It makes me so sad. I pray for you.
Your in His service

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