A Healthy Fall Update

It’s feeling like Fall here in Western North Carolina. The nights are getting colder and the mornings are frosty. The leaves are changing to bright reds and golden yellows.   Some of the mountain areas, here in NC yesterday even saw the first snow fall of the season. I woke up this morning to it being 28 degrees which is really chilly for NC  this time of year. It feels more like Winter than Fall, around here, but it can only lead to one thing, our temps will get cold now, and be warm again for Christmas, which I hope it’s the not the case this year. I would love to see a nice snowy Winter this year, than a mild green Winter that we’ve saw years past.

On a healthy note, I’m keeping to my New Years resolution of losing weight and almost have met my goal too. I started getting serious about  losing weight in July and so far I’ve made a lot of progress in almost 4 months of steady exercising and eating healthy.

I’m still eating all vegetarian meals with lots of fresh or homegrown veggies, fruits, and organic foods. I’m eating more and more home cook foods, than pre packaged frozen meals, going to fast food or restaurants.

Recently, I found out that I’m not getting enough protein in my diet from just eating beans, soy products and other things that substitute  for meat protein. So I’ve been trying reintroduce a little meat back into my diet, by eating a little bit of  chicken with certain dishes I fix, at least once a week.  I’m hoping to find a good protein supplement that will give me that boost of protein that I need, so I can get back on track with my vegetarian diet .  It’s been hard trying to reintroduce meat back into my diet, but hopefully it won’t have to last to much longer.

Anyhow Happy Fall  Everyone!

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