I’m Just Another Pinner

I’m still learning all about Pintrest and what the site is really for, as I joined about a couple of months ago. I’m currently using it to find recipes, office and home designs, that I like or art designs that inspire me.

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Smoothie Anyone?

I’m currently reviewing a new drink Frush. It’s a yogurt smoothie drink that comes in four yummy flavors ( Strawberry, Strawberry-Banna, Peach, and Blueberry). So far I’ve tired the Peach, Strawberry, and Strawberry-Banna, and all three are super tasty. Each one tastes like I’ve just blended fresh fruit and yogurt together all I need is to add the ice and I would be set. Ok…full product review will be up soon as I’m continuing  writing  it  for this amazing new drink called Frush.

Birthday Came and Went By So Fast

On a particular day in February named after Saint Valentine  is when my birthday is. It’s a day filled with romance and love after all it’s  Valentine’s day. This year birthday past by so fast, and that’s because I was sick. I’ve been dealing with a combo of allergies and sinus infection. I still firmly believe it has something to do with this warm spring like weather we’re having  this winter. Plants blooming, one day it’s frigid (below freezing) then the next it’s near 80 degrees. My body can’t keep up with the weather. I really wish that Mother Nature  just decide if it’s  winter or spring, that would make my allergies/sinuses very thankful.