Source Tree

Recently I’ve had to setup some version control software locally to use with the Mercurial version control system. That’s where Source Tree came in. I found this piece of open source software that is free and will work with Mercurial, GIT and SVN repos (repositories). I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and really like using it. It also allows you to login to hosted repos from Bit Bucket Kiln, and Github,

Coda 2 & Diet Coda

Panic released Coda 2  at the end of May, along with a new iPad app called Diet Coda. I chose to buy the mac app store version of Coda 2 as it has cloud syncing, as it will be a big help when I do upgrade my mobile platform too. I’ve been using Coda 2 since it was released for purchase.  I am really enjoying the new features, though the new layout and css pop ups has taken some time to get used too, but other than that I really love the new version of Coda and been waiting for an upgrade for a while.


With the release of Diet Coda, there is now finally a reason to buy an iPad. I’ve been one who has been holding out to get an iPad as I need a mobile solution that allows me work while away from the work computer. With Diet Coda I think I will be able to work on the go without needing a laptop anymore along with sketching/mockups with the Paper by fifty-three app.


To iPad or Not to iPad That is the Question.

So I’ve been thinking of getting an iPad since they first came out, but I hesitated, because I didn’t know what I would really use it for other than to play games, read, email, and keeping track of social media. I had an iPod touch at the time and thinking what I could do on it was enough than having to buy a bigger version. I need a mobile device that allows me do everything I can do on my desktop which is why I’ve thought about just going with a newer laptop instead. Whats growing more important for me is to have a digital sketch pad along with a place to code while on the go.

So the question is go with an iPad for entertainment, sketching, email while on the go or just get a MacBook air/pro for on the go mobile office.