End of the Road for One Web Browser

Depending on how far back you’ve been on the Internet, it’s pretty likely that you used to use Netscape Navigator to browser the web. AOL has announced that they are killing off Navigator development. There will be some support for the browser till January, but it’s recommended that you switch to Firefox now. More about the story here

One reply on “End of the Road for One Web Browser”

I hate to say it but after Netscape 4.+ everything went downhill. I was an early adopter of v6 but it was doggedly slow. After the Time Warner fallout the browser was but a shadow of its former self. I think that Firefox killed off the last of the die hards.

Sad but true, Netscape was an icon of the 1990s Internet. I remember using it on the old SPARC / Solaris workstations when I first went to college and discovered the World Wide Web.

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