Holiday Week Wrap-up!

Well the Holidays has come and gone for me. I had a good Christmas, although was still hard not being able to share the holiday with my mom and dad, but I know they were with me in spirit. Instead of getting things I would not use or never  wear, this year I got a ton of gift cards, that I’ll be using throughout the year. I got cards for coffee to food to music to clothing shops.  I also got a neat little tool set, which is perfect for when I have to work on the few pcs I have left or when I upgrade to a new hard drive for the G5 (PowerMac ). I also got a neat clock for the office which gives you the current inside temp, the date and day, time, alarm and timer. It’s called “Bob” 5-in-1 Wobble Clock.   I got a lot more stuff too like a calendar for the office,  lounge pants, bath stuff and lots of candy too.  All and all I had a great time this year reconnecting with family I haven’t seen in a long time and visiting with friends. As the New Year approaches I can only wish for 2008 to better than 2007 was.