Adventure Weekends

I’m having a great week so far, but the weekend was pretty adventurous. On Sunday,Tracy and I went as usual to her dad’s house for supper. After dinner instead of heading home we decided to head to a few places in SC then got an idea to go to Charlotte to go to a few places too. Before we left Charlotte, we wanted to stopped by Amelie’s to have a late night dessert., since they are now open 24/7. I had heard a lot of good things about the French bakery and wanted to try some of their pastries. We got the Apple and Blueberry turnovers, which were really good. We both really want to go back next time we’re in Charlotte to try some of their soups or sandwiches.

Most all of the places that I knew of that stayed open late or even 24/7 are no longer in business, so it’s nice to find another place that does. So many times we have been to Charlotte for events( concerts, musicals, movies, etc) that got out late ( after 10pm) and knew of no place around that was still open to grab a snack or a place that served gourmet types of coffees either. So I’m glad to find something that is open late nights in Charlotte again.

All and All we had a great evening, we got home pretty late, but had lots of fun. I always enjoy our Sunday adventures.