Music in the Que

Currently I have been listening to the new Walk the Moon album “Talking is Hard” and I love it. My favorite track is “Shut Up and Dance“. I love how the track has such a 80’s feel to it. Every time I hear it I keep thinking I’ve heard this song before somewhere in the […]

Traditional Radio Station goes Digital

After 5 years of existence, Indie 103.1 FM is no  longer  on the terrestrial airwaves but has moved on to an all Digital presence.   I actually started listening to them a couple of years ago after finding their online feed. I was in search of  a true Indie music station, since there is no radio station where I live in NC that played […]

Lots of Music

I’ve been using for 2 years now and since joining I just hit the forty-thousand mark of how many songs I’ve listen too. That’s about twenty-thousand songs on last fm, on my computer or podcast  I listen too per year.  That’s a lot, but I’m always listening to itunes when ever I’m on the computer […]