Kill the Dock

Have you ever had the Dock in OS X to freeze up? Did you know you can restart it by using a simple terminal command?
Just go to the terminal app and type in killall -KILL Dock at the prompt. The dock will disappear and reappear in a couple of seconds.

Using the Color Picker Anywhere

On the mac I use the color picker all the time. I’ve always wanted to be able to use it without opening an application. I’ve found a way you can and it’s pretty simple too.

Open up AppleScript  Editor) and enter this text:

choose color

Now, save it as an application (File -> Save As, and set the File Format pop-up to Application), and you’re done!

It’s a simple script saved as an application that will open up the Mac OS X Color Picker without having to use an application to get to it.

Got this great tutorial from

I’m an Upgraded Mac!

So Recently I got a new mac, which I usually get a new computer about  ever 7-10 years. Since getting a new mac in 2004 I thought it was getting time to get a new computer. The g5 was getting sluggish. I am enjoying the new computer a lot, and Lion is pretty neat too. Mac OS 10.7 ( Lion)  has a lot of features I’m using everyday like Launch pad & mission control. Really helps when you have many windows open. I missed  having Dashboard widgets on the desktop, but putting dashboard in dev mode still works in Lion and I’m back to having weather on my desktop, so I’m pretty happy about it too.