Halloween Memories

Ever since I was a kid I have always enjoyed Halloween and it  has been one of my favorite holidays of the year, besides Christmas.  When I was 4 or 5 my mom started a tradition that would last until the day she died in 2007.  Every Halloween, Birthday/Valentines Day ( Since I was born on that day), Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July and even St. Patty’s Day she would always decorate the house, and make some type of goodies. Although the two biggest holidays she decorated the most for was Christmas and Halloween.  She would always make lots of treats for both holidays and made our home a scary haunted place for Halloween or a Winter wonderland for Christmas. I love Christmas, but Halloween was always my favorite time of the year, because  it was the start of  fall with the temps staying mildly warm in the day and crisp and cool at night. Plus the start  of getting to go to the fairs, carnivals,the haunted houses, trails, woods, etc. Most importantly was that time of year, where I could dress up like anything from being spiderman to being a vampire as a kid. I always tend to dress up as sci-fi characters or scary creatures than dressing up as what normal little girls dressed up as ( princesses, cheerleaders, fairies, etc.).

Another favorite memory of Halloween was having our house  transformed into a haunted house. Every year my parents decorated our house to be super scary. We were featured a couple of years in the local paper and news stations.  Plus the halloween parties we use to have were really to “die for” my mom always made the best unique treats from her “Vampire Lady fingers to  Ice eyeballs to her Snake and  Mummy sandwiches to her dripping blood ( not real just colored corn syrup. ) off of the punch cups.

After my parents death in 2007 Halloween has never been the same. I’ve tried to decorated my house and even use the same  decorations, but their spirit of the season is gone, but not forgotten. Since their deaths I’ve had to come up with my own traditions to make Halloween as fun as it once was.

Here is a slide show of just some of the treats and decorations my parents did for Halloween every year, some of the characters I was for Halloween growing up and how I still use my parents decorations for halloween.

After sending these up to flickr, I thought it was neat that someone featured them on their website.


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