Trips and Things

On Saturday we got back from a week long trip to Gatlinburg and It was great getting away.
Since staying downtown we were able to walk to all the shops and restaurants, which was nice and too the last time we were there in Dec. it was too cold to do a lot of walking.

I just wished we lived in a city that we could walk to everything all the time. It would definitely save on how much we use our cars and help out the environment too. One place I always enjoy going to is the “the village”. The village is a small group of shops, that were designed to look like an “old world village”. They remind me of something you would see in Europe. One of my now favorite shops there is Celtic Heritage. Pretty cool shop with a lot of Irish and Scottish gifts from jewelry to artwork to food & music.

All and all had a great time and can’t wait to visit Gatlinburg again soon.