Thinking about places to go…

Just the other day I was talking with a friend about places to go for vacation or day trips. The most places I thought that I would enjoy going is from hiking/trail, mountain biking, white water rafting, museums, art galleries, aquariums, and landmarks like to the outer bank to see the Light houses. I know what most people would say about going to those places, since most would think it would be so boring, but personally I think those would be fun places to go, since I rather go on trips to learn things than just to go shopping or  spend the time away wasted.

One reply on “Thinking about places to go…”

I agree those places are interesting and most of the time
they don’t cost that much too, compared to going to the
mall and buying something that you may only use/wear just
a few times (don’t get me wrong, I mean I like to go
shopping when I need stuff to, just, you know) well,
where ever you go, or if you go, enjoy. 🙂

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