Save the Planet!

I’ve been a huge Environmentalist for a long time.   It all started when I joined  my high school environmental club in my freshman year. Ever since then  I’ve  been a member of local and national groups as well as taking part in events like Earth Day, and Earth Hour. I’m a huge recycler, carpool or use alt transportation( walk, skate, or bike)  when I can, use green products, using CFLs, conserving water and electricity, composting, and many other things  as well.

I love the fact that since living in the country we’re near a convenience & recycle center, which allows me  to recycle  about almost all of our garbage ( paper, glass, cans, plastic,cardboard, etc). Most of all the food ( left overs, peelings,  etc. ) goes into our  composter  than in the garbage can. Plus it reduces the chances of  never having a smelly garbage can again too. I also try to continue on with the idea that Earth Hour is by turning off all electronics,lights, etc. every night for the rest of the evening usually after dinner. I usually tend to use my laptop on battery to work and  watch a dvd  instead of watching tv. Most think I’m crazy, but I really enjoy working in the dark or using natural light than having to use artificial lighting  anyhow.