More Goodies in the Mail and Things…..

I love getting goodies in the mail and last week I got even more goodies in the mail.

 I got my prizes that I had won from the NAPP Twitter contest. They also threw in a current issue of Photoshop user too.

Plus I also this  gigantic poster from Veer too. I’m still looking for a place to hang it up at. It’s a pretty neat collage of images and type.  I also got a round to making my avatar over at Face your Manga.  Last week it was a fad across the twitter universe so I gave in and created my avatar too. I also created a  couple of new doodles too. Have not had time to do any drawing lately, but decided to take some time over the week to just doodle.

My piece I did was “Summer is Gone”, since it is getting cooler at night and the days are starting to slowly end before 8pm now. I did a few others, but have not had the time to upload them. 

Ok enough rambles for one day…. Links to images are below.!