Just Call Me Ms. Fixit

I really enjoy owning a home and it’s been a great investment, but when things start to go wrong I worry, but this time around I fixed the problem myself.

” Just the other day I noticed there was water coming from the AC closet. I immediately shut off the air, and started inspecting the problem. My first thoughts was that the line was clogged, and the water was backing up in the tray. So after researching the problem in-depth, I found out that it could be the air conditioner’s condensation pipe being clogged.

So the next morning I went out to the back of the house, and found the drain pipe from the AC sure enough it was clogged up with algae, and dirt. Plus the extension pipe was covered up which did not allow a way for the water to go anywhere. After taking a little time to dig a trench and unclog the pipe all is well once again. The air condition is running great, and not only did it save me money, but it felt great to be able to fix something on my own.”

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