Working Toward a New Design

I’ve been working lately on my redesigning my portfolio site I’m making some improved progress of the design and already went live with some of the pages too. Most  all I have to do now is finish working on my portfolio section. It’s not live yet, but I’m working toward getting it ready to go live soon. The old portfolio is still up currently, but working to get the new one live soon. I did change the links section and replaced it with a Lifestream, which is  chronological  view of  life activities both online and offline. I use  it mostly with my online activities   from Last. Fm, Twitter, Blog posts, flickr, Delicious,  and Brightkite. 

In other news I’ve also uploaded some new “doodles”” i’ve done just for fun too. As far as work goes, I’ve been busy with a couple of new clients and their projects so I’m keeping busy with work these days, but not booked up that I can’t take on more work too.

One reply on “Working Toward a New Design”

The lifestream is awesome. How are you creating that?

I did one long ago with a big Ruby that aggregated
everything from various places on the web, but I just
never kept up with it.

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