Just Cancel it!

What is with all my shows I watch being canceled or pulled because a network is merging with another network. Just this week another one of my shows I watch The O.C. is being canceled because of low ratings. I knew it was coming sooner or later, but that is not the only show I’ve been interested in that has got canceled or pulled.

What’s really bad none of the newer shows are appealing to me because they are either, too boring ,not that interesting or just lame. I guess after the 22 of Feb, ( the official date for the last show), I will try to get back into watching Scrubs, and The Office on NBC, to fill the spot that The O.C. will leave on Thursday’s nights.

Just to think that I love watching the O.C. not only for the storyline, but also for discovering new music as well. They always played new and upcoming (indie) bands on the show. I hope the rumor of CW picking up the show does come true.

1-21-07/ Update: Just after a couple of weeks of posting this, I also found out one of my fav. soaps (day time tv) Passions, is getting the boot as well and will be ending after a 8-year run in the fall. I tell ya, if this keeps up there will not be worth anything on tv to watch except for the cooking stations, cartoon stations, the home improvement stations, and the educational stations.

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Just a couple suggestions… It doesn’t seem like you are in to Sci Fi, but here are a few of my more recent favs… Heroes, Studio 60, Battlestar Gallactica, Psych, and Nip Tuck. I have a few other shows I watch pretty regularly, The Shield, and Stargate SG1.. but the first five I listed are the ones you may find more interesting. But hey, I’m a guy..

I gave up on TV altogether, and only kept the thing around for videogames and DVDs. Cutting my cable bill in half was a nice bonus.

You hit the nail on the head. I pretty much watch sports, educational, cooking, and game shows (new like Deal or No Deal and old on GSN). I do watch a few network shows like Heroes, Scrubs, The Office, 30 Rock and Doctor Who on BBC America. Like you said, most shows are pretty boring. They use the same tired, lame, or perverted jokes to get cheap laughs. The plot lines are poor and reused over and over again as well (if I see a stubborn husband and wife fight over some stupid premise again because they refuse to talk about things, I’m going to punch a hole through my TV).

I find there’s so many good shows on television that they overlap and/or I don’t have time to watch them all. House (medical mystery and funny), 24, Criminal Minds, Battlestar Galactica (dark and daring), Dresden Files (the guy is a modern-day wizard), Boston Legal (funny as hell), Grey’s Anatomy (kinda like OC but with medical stuff).

I heard that Scrubs is being cancelled after season 6 is finished because Zack Braff wants to do more mainstream movies – no zach braff, no scrubs imo.

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