Sheets and Covers=Bed Music

One of the many gifts I got for Christmas this year, was one of those “iPod Pillows”. At first I was like I’ll never use that, and then I got to thinking that this would fix need for wanting to have another option to using headphones while I sleep. I had been using my ipod just for that, but I must say sleeping with ear buds or headphones is pretty uncomfortable. I had been wanting to also have my computer as an option so I could listen to my favorite online radio station as well. So after about a week of having it I starting putting it to good use by running rca cables ( via rca to 1/8 adapters) one side to my computer and the other to the pillow. This gets the sound from computer to the pillow, which provides a great speaker to put right at my headboard of my bed to sleep or wake up to listening to music, news, radio, etc.




iPod Pillow

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