Ramblings for Thursday

The weather here has been crazy one week it’s been in the 70’s and now this week it’s been in the low 30’s to 40’s. As I write this message, it’s snowing , so it’s been a crazy start for the weather so far this year.As being a Apple/Mac Geek/fangirl I did see the new products Apple rolled out at Macworld. The Macbook Air is super tiny and looks great, but for me it’s missing features like firewire, superdrive and the hard drive is super tiny. Plus for the cost, I rather just go ahead and get the Macbook pro for the extra $200.00 and have a great laptop or buy a Macbook and save money.I’ve been quite happy with my ibook about being portable, since I carry it around with me everywhere I go. As far as work and life, I’ve been busy with deadlines, and just having fun. This year is starting out to be great, but I did lose a very special friend. Salem was my mom’s cat, and I took him in after my parents passed away. He was one of the cats that was around before I left home to go to College and I really love that cat too. I’ll miss him more now that my mom is gone as well, since he was my moms little man.  Other than that, I’ve had a lot of positive things happening in my life and hope I can share them with everyone soon.