Video Games Took Over My Computer.

I love to customize my window or mac computers, I decided to replace all my quick launch icons with some of my favorite gaming icons, from the 80s. I’ve also switched out the icons for my mail and browser programs as well with seasonal icons.


Want to learn how to change the application icons for Thunderbird and Firefox like I did?

Just follow the simple tutorial at Firefox’s website. The tutorial will also work with Thunderbird as well

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The Holiday Season is Near

The Holidays are almost here, with Thanksgiving around the corner( like tomorrow) and Christmas is  less than 35 days away. I have not even begun shopping for Christmas presents yet. I’m just waiting for the day after Thanksgiving sales to be over, before I start to do any shopping.

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The WinePod

I recently saw this on a TV show. The WinePod is a custom wine making device that holds up to 150 pounds and can make four to five cases of wine. The WinePod integrates fermentation, pressing, and aging into one stainless steel tank.

Learn More about the WinePod here

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