Designing for the Holidays

I’ve started designing custom Holiday cards this year, since I thought it would be a neat idea to have custom cards instead of just having old store bought cards. I know these designs come in handy for e-greetings as well. [tags]cards, greeting cards, e-cards, designing, work, play, fun[/tags]Continue readingDesigning for the Holidays

Twitter ME

I just signed up for a new service called Twitter. It’s an interesting way to let your friends know what you are up to. You can update your twitter account from your mobile phone, im, or on the web. Currently it is a free service. [tags]messaging, texting, iming, web,[/tags]Continue readingTwitter ME

Video Games Took Over My Computer.

I love to customize my window or mac computers, I decided to replace all my quick launch icons with some of my favorite gaming icons, from the 80s. I’ve also switched out the icons for my mail and browser programs as well with seasonal icons.   Want to learn how to change the application icons…Continue readingVideo Games Took Over My Computer.