Fonts & Type

I’m a font nerd, I love collecting and using different fonts for print & websites.  I always love to pass along cool fonts when I find them. Today’s free font find, is from FontFont. FF Sero Medium font is a nice sans-serif font. You can learn more about it here

Current Status: Refreshing

I’m currently working on refreshing my portfolio and few other personal sites, while being stranded at home due to the snow.  I hoping to give my portfolio and blog a major over haul  soon, as it’s much needed.

I’m in the Forrst

I just joined a new service called Forrst. It’s A place for developers and designers ask questions, share screenshots and links. It’s sorta like Dribbble, but very different, though it’s invite only too. I thought I would give Forrst a shot, since I have yet to get an invite to Dribble.