Daring Fireball: Coda

“What Xcode is to app development and what Dashcode is to widget development — that’s what Coda is to web development. Replace Coda’s (lovely) green leaf icon with some sort of blueprint-with-a-tool-on-top and it’d be easy to convince someone that it’s “Webcode”, a new app from Apple itself.”

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E-mail Webpages in Mac OSX

Pretty cool if you’re on a mac and want to mail a web page to someone. Just load the website in Safari and hit the keyboard command or just go to File-> Mail Contents of This Page

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A Free Creative Design Magazine from Adobe

I’ve been super busy lately to post, but I thought I would share this new magazine I found.

Adobe released it’s new magazine for creative professionals last week . It’s free and each issue comes directly into your inbox as a pdf. The magazine has tutorials, design news, and reviews on tools that can enhance your own projects. Check out the magazine at http://www.adobemagazine.com/
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