Safari 4 BETA

Apple  recently released Safari 4 Beta. I’ve just downloaded the new Safari beta the other day and really like it  so far. It has a lot of new features and UI changes from the old version too.

I did not like the location of the tabs in the new version, but have  found  a way to change it back to the old version via some hidden preferences in the new beta.  If you’re on Windows or Mac check out the new Safari Beta today.

GO Away IE6

Recently I was reading an article about  how Google is now urging Gmail users to drop Internet Explorer 6 in favor of Firefox or Chrome. Google is claiming that Firefox and their new browser Chrome will run their popular webmail service “twice as fast”.. To read more about this in depth, check out the article here

Looking For Mac Software?

I thought this would be a great post to show off the three favorite sites that I like going to learning about new Mac apps to try out. All three listed below are ones I use all the time to look for new software that I can use with my Mac.

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I like the best since it’s great for allowing you to organize your applications and check if your apps are up-to-date too.

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