Design Community

I was gifted an invite to Dribbble in February. I’ts a great community full of creativity & design. I absolutely love being a member there.Continue readingDesign Community

A Short iPod Touch Review

I’ve had my new touch only about 2 weeks now, and I have to say it’s a great device. Im using it more like a PDA device than just a music player, although I do have music, podcasts, etc. on there too. I’ve been noticing that I’m using my laptop less when going out, just…Continue readingA Short iPod Touch Review

Updated Interface in CS3

I was just like many of designers, who had downloaded Photoshop CS3 Beta on Friday ( DEC. 15, 2006).  I was surprised to hear Adobe making this move to allow public beta testing of one of their flagship products, but at the same time happy they wanted to involve the community to test the new…Continue readingUpdated Interface in CS3