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I was gifted an invite to Dribbble in February. I’ts a great community full of creativity & design. I absolutely love being a member there.

A Short iPod Touch Review

I’ve had my new touch only about 2 weeks now, and I have to say it’s a great device. Im using it more like a PDA device than just a music player, although I do have music, podcasts, etc. on there too. I’ve been noticing that I’m using my laptop less when going out, just because I can do about everything I did on the laptop ( email, twitter, chat, checking blogs, websites, etc.) Plus the can do some business related stuff on there as well like billing, which is nice since it doesn’t keep me tied down to the desktop or laptop all the time. I would recommend in getting one if you want to have one for the apps or putting music on. It’s been a delight to have and use.

Updated Interface in CS3

I was just like many of designers, who had downloaded Photoshop CS3 Beta on Friday ( DEC. 15, 2006).  I was surprised to hear Adobe making this move to allow public beta testing of one of their flagship products, but at the same time happy they wanted to involve the community to test the new version.

Overall I really like the new Interface, it seemed a little getting use too. The tool bar is docked, which I is something I don’t like, but I finally figured out I could “un dock” it and the other  menus to make them behave just as I have  had in previous versions of Photoshop. I’m liking the new features like quick selection, refine edges, and the new features in Vanishing Point as well. I’m happy to finally see a Universal Binary version as well for the Intel macs, which has been something holding me back on getting a new Intel Mac. I can’t wait for the new release of the in the Spring. Since, I’m a CS user at home, I’ve thought about upgrading to CS2 for a while now, but wanted to wait till version CS3 comes out. Now since they have opened a full version of the Beta of CS3 to CS2 users only, I have thought of upgrading to be able to take advantage of getting to play with CS3 more than just 2 days.

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