Fast Delivery

I recently had the opportunity to try out Chewy’s new pharmacy service.  I was thrilled to try this service since Linus has to take Prednisone every day due to having a low blood platelet count. 

My experience with ordering online was pretty easy. I searched for the medication then added the quantity since it’s by the pill. (For reference I used the quantity of Linus’s last prescription.) Then added it to my cart. Then when I got ready to check out it asked for the name of the vet and the veterinarian office. Then asked if I wanted them to contact my vet or would I be sending the prescription in. I just had them reach out to my vet. It was much easier that way. You can also add other items to your cart as well so it’s a one-stop shopping experience. After that, I checked out.

After the order, I got an email confirmation and then I got another email confirmation when it was approved and shipped. I ordered on a Friday and FedEx delivered on the following Tuesday.

Overall I thought the process of ordering the medication was very easy and the shipping was quick just like I have experienced with regular orders from Chewy.

I’ll definitely use this service going forward because Linus’s medication was half the cost of what I  normally pay at our local pharmacy. Plus not having to stand in long lines at the pharmacy is great. It’s super convenient to order and have it shipped in a few days. I rate it A++++