Almost The Weekend: Recap of this weeks events….

Lot’s have been going on this week! I had to shuffle work around this past weekend to get caught up with deadlines, before having surgery on Tuesday. It was a minor surgery from some injuries that I had from the wreck I was in last June. I had my first check up today (post surgery) and everything went well. Looks good and all tests came back clear too. Have to take it easy this weekend, but hopefully by next week I’ll be back to normal and getting started back on work.

In other news

I just finished up a new logo for Blog Carolinas, which is a new soical media event happening in the RTP, NC area this month.

I picked up MarioKart for the Wii but have yet to play it since I’ve had to limit my activity from my surgery.  Hopefully next week I can start playing the game, since by I should be a lot better. I already have a bunch of friend requests and friends codes, so I will be ready to play soon.

I’ve also released a today a new header for the blog. I’ve started thinking about some new ideas for a new theme for the blog too. I want something new, funky  and fresh for the blog. I have yet to commit to a design, but will keep everyone update when I ready to release the new look.

Also signed up for another social media websites, which this one is different from Myspace or Facebook. Why? is because with Brightkite you can see where your friends are, what they’re up to, see what’s going on around you, and meet real-world friends too. So far it’s seems like a pretty cool web service and it’s intergrated with another web service called “Twitter” which is like mini blog posts or updates that you can read from whom you’re subscribed too. Anyhow, if anyone wants an invite to try out Brightkite just leave a comment and a valid e-mail.

I also got a late Birthday present last week, which was a new monitor. It’s a great HD LCD to go along with my old dino CRT. Now I’m back to using a dual setup, which has been nice. Plus it’s super easy setting dual screens for the mac too. I’m waiting for Apple to release the new cinemas displays, which I hope will not be too much longer. Love to finally get rid of the CRT for good, but really want to wait for an Apple Cinema screen.

Below is a nightshot of the new setup & part of the office, where I do all of my work ( designing, coding, drawing etc.)

Another Shot of the new Setup @ Night

Well that about wraps up what’s been going on with me this week. Hoping this weekend will be filled with lots of rest, and just maybe some Mariokart playing, but that will depend if I feel up to it.

What’s New?

What’s new in my world of designing and coding? Nothing much, but working on a few new things from site layouts to logos. I’ve also just released a new template that I custom designed for the new blog over at AlterCube. This template is made for WordPress and exactly matches their current site design too. I thought instead of using a pre-made template, I would just make the blog blend in with the rest of the site.

I recently set up a new blog for them by using WordPress, which replaces the old Php news system I custom coded for them a couple of years ago. The old system is not dead yet, it will still be used for the older archives and some back end things of the site.

So that’s it for me as far as the designing updates goes… I’m still working on a new desktop for this month and a few other things like icons, cards, and templates for wordpress too. Maybe I might just release one of the templates I’m designing as a download, If I did it would be under the Creative commons licenses .

My Rambles of Having Fun and Designing

As of late I’ve been busy designing things from Brochures, logos, to websites. I’ve also been named as the Lead Developer/designer for a local Charlotte organization, who helps raises money each year for the Susan G. Komen foundation. I’m honored to be helping such a great project out. Other than working freelance/ contract work full time as of late I’ve got a lot on my plate, but having enough time to have fun too. Since the weather has been warm I’ve been out and about on the weekends doing things from day trips to going to see some great bands. Other than spending my weekends out, or gaming and working during the week life right now is perfect. I’m currently booked with projects and hoping to get many more. I’m currently also redesigning some of my personal websites to show off my coding/graphic design skills. I’ll be launching a few sites soon too. That’s about it for me for a real update than posting Articles and such. If anyone needs design work, please feel free to contact me