My Rambles of Having Fun and Designing

As of late I’ve been busy designing things from Brochures, logos, to websites. I’ve also been named as the Lead Developer/designer for a local Charlotte organization, who helps raises money each year for the Susan G. Komen foundation. I’m honored to be helping such a great project out. Other than working freelance/ contract work full time as of late I’ve got a lot on my plate, but having enough time to have fun too. Since the weather has been warm I’ve been out and about on the weekends doing things from day trips to going to see some great bands. Other than spending my weekends out, or gaming and working during the week life right now is perfect. I’m currently booked with projects and hoping to get many more. I’m currently also redesigning some of my personal websites to show off my coding/graphic design skills. I’ll be launching a few sites soon too. That’s about it for me for a real update than posting Articles and such. If anyone needs design work, please feel free to contact me