Geeky Post

CubeStudio is the name of where AlterCube lives ( a design firm, the one I work with sometimes). Anyhow I’ve been working on redesigning the site for sometime now and decided to give it a refresh. I’m using new technologies like the PHP framework Codeigniter mixed with pulling database queries from WordPress. I know this is a geeky post, but hey after all I am a geek.

Designing and Releasing Websites

Just last month I launched my new portfolio site with a new design, and layout. Just last week I finished and launched a new client’s website: Today’s Cabinetry as well.

Plus I’m constantly working on other projects too, that is keeping me super busy. As you also may notice I’m trying to rework the design of the blog too. I am personally growing tired of the layout. I think I’ve had this same layout since I first started the blog back in 1999/2000. So I’m in a much need of a change design/layout too.

Although I’m keeping busy with work I’m still accepting new clients too. I will be launching some new sites and print work soon too. Plus starting on more personal projects in the coming week as well. Lots of great things are happening and thanks for all the comments too.

Working Toward a New Design

I’ve been working lately on my redesigning my portfolio site I’m making some improved progress of the design and already went live with some of the pages too. Most  all I have to do now is finish working on my portfolio section. It’s not live yet, but I’m working toward getting it ready to go live soon. The old portfolio is still up currently, but working to get the new one live soon. I did change the links section and replaced it with a Lifestream, which is  chronological  view of  life activities both online and offline. I use  it mostly with my online activities   from Last. Fm, Twitter, Blog posts, flickr, Delicious,  and Brightkite. 

In other news I’ve also uploaded some new “doodles”” i’ve done just for fun too. As far as work goes, I’ve been busy with a couple of new clients and their projects so I’m keeping busy with work these days, but not booked up that I can’t take on more work too.