Slow for the Weekend

This week has flown by fast. I hope to enjoy this weekend since  I’m starting new projects next week, that will consume my time for a few weeks. I will definitely  enjoy the time off. What to do? I really would love to head up to Asheville for Bele Chere or do something adventurous  like hiking,  but I may end up staying around town too.  There is a ton of things that I would love to do this weekend, but  just have to see what falls into place.

Birthday and Valentines Day

Saturday was two speical events, one was Valentine’s Day and the other was my birthday. Saturday has  just a perfect day. I woke up to a lot of presents. I had two big gift bags one for my birthday and one for Vday all filled with a lot of cool things. Favorite gift of all was my  TIX Clock.   It’s mostly a “geeky” clock, but I find it to be a colorful, and interesting way to show what time it is. It has been a conversation starter for sure. Then on Sunday, since it was such a beautiful day, we headed up to Chimney rock for the day to go to the park to do a little hiking, and also go through the little shops in the village too.  We had a great day. Plus I had a great weekend & birthday too.