The Sick Life

The past couple of days has been slow for me, since I’ve been recouping from being sick last Sunday. I hit out of nowhere with a nasty stomach virus/bug, which lasted for about 24 hours thank goodness. I have not been that sick in nearly 15 years.

I’ve just started back today eating solid foods, which is going well, but I’m sticking to foods that are on the “BRAT Diet” for now. Basically it’s a diet that consist of foods that won’t hurt the stomach so it has time to heal and recover.

So the good news is that I’m getting better from that stomach bug, but I am still dealing with sinus/allergies problems too.

I can’t wait for fall to settle here in W. NC. It’s not because of cooler temps, leaves falling, etc. but just want everything that aggravates  my allergies/sinuses  ( pollen, grass cuttings, flowers, etc.) to go away.

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