The Festive and Jolly Season is Here

The holiday season has officially begun. We just got back from our fall trip to Gatlinburg TN.  We have not been to Gatlinburg in a long time, and thought we would head up there this year for a change. It was a nice to get away for a few days, since I’ve been working non stop lately.  The next two weeks will be busy for me, we’ve been invited to some type of party, dinner, or get-together almost every night starting next Thursday till Christmas. Plus some family will be coming in after Christmas to visit too. So this week and next I’ll be pretty busy with getting everything caught up  work wise.  

Mountain Tops Downtown Gatlinburg TN Wonder Works




I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!

One reply on “The Festive and Jolly Season is Here”

Merry Christmas to you too, it may be busy for you but
remember to enjoy it. Take care and I hope you and your
family have a awesome holiday’s. See you on the
flip side. 🙂

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