Still Spinning Around

I’m still around, but have been doing a lot lately. Just this past week it had was two years since the “wreck” So instead of staying home T and I traveled to visit some of my dad’s family, since that’s the only closest family I have now. Most of my mom’s family is scattered throughout the US. It’s hard to take short trips to go visit them, since most now are living on or near the west coast or the middle of the US.

Ok enough backlog lol….I got to visit with some family I have not seen in about a year, which was good. While visiting with my family, T and I was able to get out and do a little shopping too.

Both of us picked up a new pair of Crocs at the Crocs’ outlet store, I got some chocolate goodies from Harry and David and even on the way home we stopped by Streets of SouthPoint to check out the Kid Robot Toys that Urban Outfitters had and of course the Apple Store too.

Then after getting home Thursday we decided to head up to the camper for the weekend. We left friday after T’s Dr. Appt.  to head to the camper. I had a great time disconnecting since there was no cell, landline or Internet service around the campground.  Then on saturday after breakfast we headed out to Mount Mitchell to walk/hike to the top to see the new tower. Once we got parked the weather changed from almost 90 to 60 with overcast skies. Plus the wind was blowing about 30MPH. A little chilly by the time we got to the top.

Despite it being  the two year anniversary and Fathers day weekend, I was able to have fun and get my mind off of things.

07/25/09/ Update:  Was not notify, which is super #FAIL for the system. Anyhow, I had stumbled across this article to find the guy had made an appeal for a lesser sentence. You can read the whole story about what happen that night here. Good thing the Judge denied the guys appeal…