Happy 4th!

Today was a holiday here in the US known as  Independence Day or commonly known as the 4th of July. Today many Americans hosted cook-outs, pool parties, and bbqs. Some even hosted their own fireworks display while some went to their local town display show.   For me, this is the first year I did not go to a cook-out, or go to see fireworks, although I’ve seen a lot in the last two nights around my neighborhood.

It’s been a little different for me to spend the 4th, since my parents are no longer here. They always had a cook-out inviting family and friends over to eat some great hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. along with homemade ice cream too. Then always after everyone left My mom, dad and I would always head to Charlotte to see the fireworks. Now since they are gone, I mostly keep most all of my holidays pretty low key. 


Hope everyone has a great 4th…..

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yea, this is gotta be a tough time for you, I hope it gets better for you, I’m sure your parents are watching over you, so go and try to enjoy your day, take care

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