2009 is Rocking

So far this year it’s been rocking. A lot is changing already this year. I’ve started my search for a job in the city we’re moving too and things are looking up on that end. I’ve had some great interviews already and hopefully one of those great interviews will turn into a full time job. Until I land a job, I’m still doing a lot of consulting and freelance work. So far this year I’ve  had a pretty good flow of work coming in, which is keeping me pretty busy  these days, which is always good.

This year will be the year that I’ll be going to a lot of concerts, art shows, and broadway musicals ( I hope). I know we’re going to see another production of Rent, the broadway musical, that was a staple in NYC for years before ending last year. Plus two Jam Bands are coming to NC , that I’ve always  wanted to see  in concert, which are The Dead and Phish. They’ll be coming sometime during the summer and I hope I will be able to go to both of  those shows. Another concert that I want to go to  is to  see Ani Difranco. She’ll be doing a few shows in NC this  year and hope to have a chance to get to go see her live again. Last time we went to a concert of hers was about 4-5  years ago.

I hope to be able to get out to a few gallery crawls and art exhibits this year too. Have not been to one in ages and know I will be able to get back into going once we get moved to the  city. Plus another thing once we get moved will be getting to go to all the  cool indie coffee shops, book stores, restaurants, etc. Plus finally be close to a lot of the health food stores so we can finally ditch the “normal” grocery chains.I rather pay a little extra to get organic stuff than processed foods. I can really tell a huge difference  in how I feel from eating all natural foods than eating all the processed foods that I was eating before. I am really glad to be able to read a label  knowing what is in my food than seeing weird names, seeing artificially flavored/sweeten or  those food dye codes.

Sooooo looking forward in getting back to the city life….

A lot is  going on in 2009 so far and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2009 will bring.