Holiday Treats!

The FEDEX person just let us with a box from The boys were happy to see it! The girls missed out as this is normally their nap time. Neither one  budge from their slumber when I called them. So after we opened the box the cats were excited to find they got Temptations Holiday Dinner Cat Treats. I open the box and the boys went crazy. I gave each a couple and they gobbled them down and wanted more. They really love these treats!!!

Linus, Jasper, Jasmine, Belle and Salem are influencers. They receive goodies in the mail monthly from, for free in exchange for their honest review about the products they are trying out.

Lucky Stars I am Thankful for…..

I have so much to be thankful for each and every day. My top 4 includes:

  • 1.I am thankful for my health
  • 2. I am thankful for all of my fur babies. All are rescues that needed to find their furever home. I Love each every one of them lots!!!
  • 3. I am thankful for my friends, who have been my extend family for over 10 years now. As my close family is gone now…. and my own extended family are thousands miles away it helps when you have awesome people near by.
  • 4. I am thankful for my work and getting to work with many different awesome clients I have go to work with in the present and past.

Another Delivery

We just had our second Chewy delivery on the 7th. I am still amazed how fast their shipping is. It was a usual shipment of everything our babies needed (food, litter, etc) but I threw in some replacement scratchy pads for the cats turbo cat scratch toy and a bone for miss Maggie Anne.

Maggie is a mountain Feist puppy that belongs to a friend’s parents. In fact by this writing she has almost chewed up her bone, she loves it so much that in the next order I am ordering her two.

Just so my crew ( Belle, Linus, Jasmine, Salem and Jasper) won’t get mad I am ordering this toy for them. Belle and Linus  had one just like this but after years of enjoyment their faithful flying friend wanted to retire lol.. and I’ve been searching for one ever since. I know the rest of them will enjoy it as everyone loves those stick chasers.