Cat Charms

I had designed some vector art that resembles my cats Linus and Oreo. With those designs, I had some of these acrylic charms made.Continue readingCat Charms

Fast Delivery

I recently had the opportunity to try out Chewy’s new pharmacy service.  I was thrilled to try this service since Linus has to take Prednisone every day due to having a low blood platelet count.  My experience with ordering online was pretty easy. I searched for the medication then added the quantity since it’s by the pill.…Continue readingFast Delivery

Fancy Cat Food

Our monthly item came from This month the crew is trying Fancy Fest Gourmet Ocean Fish & Salmon & Accents of Garden Greens Dry Cat Food. As you can tell from the pictures and video below, the boys really liked the food….. Actually, all 6 of them really enjoyed the food. The boys finally let…Continue readingFancy Cat Food