UX/UI Tools

Recently, I started using an online app called Figma. In the past, I’ve used Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, XD, and even Photoshop to do wireframing and mockups. I love the fact that Figma lives online and I can get to my work from any computer, including Chromebooks. However, I do wish they would make an iPad app. That would be perfect when I am in the first stages of putting together a layout/flow for a website and would just like a tablet to draw out some ideas.

It Happened Last Month

Last month was an anniversary date when a tragic and horrific thing happen in my life. It’s now been 13 years now since that fateful day that I lost two people that meant the most to me.

It’s been a long time now, but the pain is still there. Maybe it wouldn’t still hurt as much as if they had died of natural causes at an very old age…. See their death was senseless and could been avoided, if only the other person would have been responsible and did the right thing.

See the other person decided to gamble with their own life and as the life of others, by drinking alcohol and getting behind a wheel of a flatbed truck.


2020 hasn’t really been an exciting year! For almost half the year I’ve been in self-isolation because of #COVID19. I had dreams of a vacation this year to see family and friends, but the way it looks this pandemic could continue on for the rest of the year. As the state “opens” back up the cases rise day by day.

How long will this madness last? Will this world ever return to a “normal” state?